What is the Father's Heart?
The Father's Heart is unconditional love-
Demonstrated by giving,
Resulting in relationship.


The Father's Heart: His Part

He demonstrates by giving:
His Son Jesus for our salvation,
His Word for practical living,
His Holy Spirit for power and wisdom.

The Father's Heart: Our Part

We can love Him unconditionally
Demonstrating that love by:
Giving back all we are and have,
Loving others uncondtionally as we work in His kingdom.
Resulting in:
An incredible relationship with Him
That brings peace and satisfaction.

The Father's Heart For All

The Father's Heart includes everyone.
It has local, national, and international perspective.
It crosses gender, ethnic, age, culture, social and economic boundaries.
It builds through relationship and serving.
It especially cares for orphans, widows and the needy