Harare, Zimbabwe  
 Pastor Zhangazha biography video

After giving his life to Christ at the age of 15, Peter began to work on local farms. It was during this time that God began to speak to him and tell him to go and preach. This filled him with great joy and so he began to organize some of the young people there to minister and preach on the farm and saw many being saved and delivered. This team of young people planted many churches around the farms and villages of Harare. This burden continues to grow in his heart.

After attending Pentecostal Bible College, he continued to plant churches in the midst of much persecution. Pastor Peter Sibanda has stood with him in all his persecution and has been a great blessing. In 2001, he began Christian Light Ministries and since that time they have planted 8 churches in Harare and the surrounding area. The church there is growing fast due to the readiness of the people to receive the gospel. The Lord is confirming His Word with many signs, wonders, leadings and deliverences. They are also involved in helping those orphaned and widowed by the AIDS epidemic and poverty in their nation. They continue to face the challenge of training new leaders and are grateful for the many years of RIM support and see that this has helped the growth of the church in a mighty way.

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