RIM Serving Teams Schedule

late June/early July '09

Ministry goals:
Teach daily at Tender Mercies School
Sports programs
Minister at Omega Healing Center in the Sunday school program
Build up the local church by involvement in home groups, men’s & women’s meetings, and youth ministry
Serve in the Market Place ministry
Minister the gospel in local schools
Home visitations


  Blessed Valley School Students
  08 Uganda RIM Serving Team


Team Focus:

Focus: Partner with believers at Omega Healing Center, minister at Blessed Valley, equip, recieve, give.

for additional prayer points, see Prayer link from homepage

Zimbabwe: late July

Trip focus & ministry goals:
Ministering with direction of Pastors Peter Zhangazha, Peter Mackenzie Sibanda, and Simon Mukolo across Zimbabwe; partner with churches, visit widows & orphans, food distribution, educational program, praying, bringing Hope.


   Zimbabwean Girl with Food Dish
   2008 Zimbabwe Serving Team
Prayer Points: 

Strengthen the RIM vision in the heart of Zimbabwe leaders and people
Financial resources for food distribution

Expand RIM educational program in Zimbabwe
Strengthen RIM caregiver and orphan ministry

Water supply


Casa Bernabe' Guatemala

April 27 - May 7


Focus: Kid's church lessons & projects, maintenance & repair projects, serving and loving the kids and staff.



  Child at Casa Bernabe', Guatemala