About Rancho International Ministries - RIM

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Our Mission: To establish an apostolic leadership community to develop an apostolic people to answer an apostolic call.

RIM Values

The Bible is the ultimate authority and blueprint.

RIM operates as a five-fold ministry with apostolic oversight.

Everything in RIM is done through relationships.

God's kingdom includes all nations, cultures, ages, genders, social standing and economic status.

Everyone has value and gifting in God's Kingdom - everyone can and needs to be involved in ongoing relationships as the Lord works in and through us.

RIM ministers to the whole person

- spiritual, emotional and physical areas - spirit, soul and body

- with special care for the needy, including orphans, widows, the destitute, disenfranchised and disadvantaged


RIM is not a relief organization that uses relief to open the door to minister spiritually, rather RIM

        is an organization that ministers, through relationship, to the whole person.


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