March 2009 Zimbabwe Education Video   
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Zimbabwe Education

A supplemental program has been birthed which is resourcing the Zimbabwean churches to educate children in grades K-12. It is currently operating in several locations within the country, involving hundreds of children on a weekly basis. Curriculum development is currently in progress in Zimbabwe, led by gifted educators who are laboring to create lessons based on truth with a Biblical perspective which will be synthesized with national standards. This will create a new curriculum for use in Christian Schools across the country, becoming a national model.

Although the educational system is broken, the Lord is moving to bring a new thing out of the chaos- beauty for ashes. In the midst of extreme hunger and almost insurmountable living conditions, loving adults labor to train the next generation.

Please pray for all hands connected with the development and implementation of this educational program. Donations are needed to purchase printers, ink and paper so lessons can be reproduced. See below for more information. To donate, contact RIM.

  RIM Team members in Hwange with lead educator & kids
     Meeting in Harare with teachers and pastor Zhangazha
 Volunteers in Harare enjoy discovering new ideas & curriculum
  Teachers & leaders in Bulawayo who are leading the way