Below is a copy of an email received from a Pastor in Northwest Zimbabwe under Simon Mukolo's leadership, responding to money sent by RIM for food relief. You ARE making a difference!
26 February 2009

Dear David Cunningham (RIM)

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We are very thankful for the money which you gave to Pastor Mukolo.  We
bought some mealie meal bags and gave to brethens who were starving from
hunger.  They had nothing to eat at all.  People can only eat the strange
herbs from the forest.  these herbs are sweet they eat those so that they
can get energy.

Thank you very much for your kindness, love deed and grace.
As for now those people servived (survived) due to those bags of meal mealie which we
gave to them.

Yours Samson Mutale - Lusulu Binga
The food is distributed in Binga, Hwange, Lupane districts.
(Samson Mutale is a senior pastor under my leadership; this letter of thanks
comes from him.  SW (Simon)  Mukolo

 February 2009:  09 Zimbabwe Education Program Video  watch it on YouTube
 for more info on Zimbabwe Education Program, see Zimbabwe Education link under Ministries
November 2008: See the related video :08 Zimbabwe Holiday Relief          Link to video on YouTube

RIM partners are desperately trying to get the word out to people about this terrible situation. Thousands have died from cholera, people are starving, and the government has been denying there is even a problem, until the first days of December. It's too late for many, but our RIM partners in country have thousands of people they are distributing food and supplies to.

We are also exploring how Rim can most effectively help to alleviate the water crisis, exploring the areas of viable water filtration systems, bringing non-functioning wells back to functionality, and purification chemicals, so people can have water to drink that will not bring death.

DVDs of this movie and related materials are available for distribution at no cost. Please contact your local RIM church or us on this site to request yours or for more information.

These materials will soon be available as well in Spanish.

June 2008:   RIM announces a drive to collect support for relief in the current Zimbabwean crisis. Funds will be used to purchase food and provide water, with particular attention to widows and orphans.

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